Whats We Do

Adooye is a part of AD Marketing Company, Which is one of popular Us Based Company, Adooye name is taken by AD means "Advertise" and Ooye! Means "listen", It is INFLUENCE Idea to connect the people to their favorite brands,

Adooye Gives the Discounts, Free Coupons & Many More. Adooye also create a brand, Shape Unbranded to as a big Brand.

Adooye Easily make systematic implementation brand, we are here for people to serve them better to biggest brands.

You may know that now a day's brands are suffering from burden Competitive market to save their consumers.

Managing brand co-ordinate may help a company to avoid confusing its consumers. Investing in overlapping product development,

Marketing efforts and multiplying its brand at its own rather than its competitors express.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is Adooye?

Adooye is a platform where consumer gets their benefit from brand factories and to be a connected with their favorite brands, and this is track of Adooye that brands can make systematically direct communication with their consumers,

Who Stands Behind Adooye?

Adooye is a company which is based on an innovative idea of two Austrian founders: Mathew Reichgruber and Alessandro Sen.

So how does it work? And where the money comes from?

Doh! We can't tell you yet. We are still developing the whole system and cannot afford for anyone to abuse the idea and outrun us in the end.

How Can I Join?

Yeah! It's Very Simple, here are some packages in Adooye, using a packages you can be a Adooye member as well before this u need to have refer ID to being a part of Adooye.

What is the Task Area?

The task area inside your Adooye Account, 10 Advertisement shows you every day in which tasks you have to complete in order to keep your activity Earnings and index as high as possible and what needs to be done to reach the next level.

How can I Earn More Points?

The bigger your crowd the more you can earn, There will be an innovative activity Of Pair and Direct referral,

What Is Wallet area?

The Wallet area shows you completed tasks, Pair, referrals, and how much EP (Earning Points) you got for them.

How I Redeem the points?

• Transfer to your bank account.
• Transfer to your Adooye card.
• Shop at an Adooye partner in your city.
• Shop at an Adooye online partner.


Potential is everywhere. BIG think of the impossible, then make it real. Create Intensity. Intrigue. Evoke Excitement. We're always thinking BIG.

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